Our Goal

The aim of the program is to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with practical skills and to form an integrated approach to exporting.  Our cource provied an practical tools enabling participants to build successful strategies for access new markets, develop international contacts and build long-term relationships with partners.

The focus of the training is on management of available tools that companies can use to address strategic export issues. All trainings are complement each other, thus establishing a clear understanding of the comprehensive export development strategy.



The program includes six one-day trainings on initial and in-depth study of potential markets, export business planning, partner search and business contact management. The trainings are aimed to solve the most important needs of small and medium-sized businesses - provide knowledge and develop practical skills in finding new markets and building long-term business partnerships. The interval between trainings (blocks) is 4-6 weeks.

  • Training 1. Decision on export: what an exporter needs to understand. Estimation of export ability of the company.
  • Training 2. Research of market requirements: what an exporter should analyze.
  • Training 3. Research of potential markets as a basis for creation of the company's export strategy.
  • Training 4. Export business planning - Defining a strategy for success.
  • Training 5. Finding and selecting the "right" foreign partner: keys to success.
  • Training 6. Communication Management, Support and Interaction: Increasing Mutual Success.