USAID LEV experts present the results of the 2016 ABCA survey and Export profile at an academic conference in Kyiv

On Thursday, June 29, USAID LEV experts spoke at the conference titled "Productive Capacity of Nations" that took place at the Institute for International Relations of Kyiv National Shevchenko University.

There, they presented the results of the 2016 Annual Business Assessment survey of Ukrainian SMEs making a specific emphasis on the analysis of informal relations between businesses and government institutions. They also presented the Export profile, the instrument created by the USAID LEV Program to be used for monitoring the situation and developments of exports at the regional level. Additionally, USAID LEV experts developed an infographics that illustrates the content and purposes of the Export profile and distributed it at the conference. Lecturers and postgraduate researchers from different universities across Ukraine who took part in the conference learned about the importance of economic reforms, including deregulation, for increasing economic efficiency and about how the Export profile can be used to monitor the implementation of export promotion policy at the regional level. This discussion also contributed to the understanding of the benefits of the government creating favorable conditions for doing business in different sectors instead of supporting specific kinds of businesses, as the latter approach is often endorsed by academic community in Ukraine but creates corruption risks. 

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