Export promotion of SMEs


Introducing to practical steps

Introduce to practical steps necessary for launching Ukrainian products to European and international markets.

  • Responsible individuals

    Develop the Export Support Strategy

  • Our achievements

    1. Jointly with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade conducted two seminars on export activities. The seminars were focused on providing practical information to potential exporters about entering international markets, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

    2. During September-November 2015, conducted introductory seminars “Export opportunities for SMEs” in all pilot regions (Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Ternopil and Kherson). The seminars were structured in such manner as to provide an overview of the steps which potential exporters have to follow to enter international markets. The experts of the USAID Leadership in Economic Governance Program revealed ideological and practical aspects of export activities to potential exporters. Overall, over 200 representatives of SME and business organizations participated in the training.

    3. Based on the results of the regional seminars, the LEV Program developed a comprehensive training program for SME representatives for 2016-2019. The first round of seminars under the program framework will be held in September - December 2016.

Inform regarding the procedures and requirements for export of goods

Inform the SME representatives about the regulatory requirements and procedures in order to enter export markets.

  • Responsible individuals

    Develop an Export Promotion Strategy

  • Our achievements

    1. The Program is currently working on the content of the catalogue-guide structured as the steps for entering international markets. The catalogue will include links to important Internet resources and will support potential exporters at every next step as well as help them navigate in the variety and complexity of available information.

    2. Started regular issues of a variety of information and analytical newsletters for exporters ‘’Exporter’s Guide” and “Export from A to Z.”


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